Jul 29, 2010

JULY 29, 2010

It's near August!!

But before that, I am going to tell what happened today.

I woke up late because I slept late too. 

It just happened that I am in a totally "hyper" mode last night

and I've decided to take down notes and review for the quiz.

I didn't eat anything and I just drunk coffee.

Ah souda~~ I suddenly remembered that I listened to Ouran Drama CD last night.

I kinda reminisced the episodes I've seen in the anime but this time with different sets of seiyuus

besides Suzumura Kenichi who voiced Hikaru in the anime and Kaoru in the drama CD.

Then for our PE, I've taught the dance lessons. I am going to take the fight scenes too.

Luckily no terror of my sickness occured. In Religion, we had talked about the blessings and proofs

that Jesus is always around us. I should have attended the mass today, but I'll  consider going 

tomorrow. KITTO. Math, we just brainstormed in our lessons during 1st year. Well, let's say

that was about 2-3 years ago for me. But we've managed to remember it, after all. *laughs*

In English, I just wrote my article and read few notes. Filipino, just recorded the scores of the exams 

in my teacher's class record. Chemistry, we had experimentation and a little bit of photo shooting.

I also had this somewhat, YUKIMURA-BUCHOU pose but my chemistry teacher is in it so I think

I'll not post the picture here. Just keep it in my memories. LOL

Then computer time, I mistyped something that's why I had to repeat it all over again.

Darn, I hate doing jobs all over again. I should have read the instructions carefully.

Then lastly, in our Social Studies, we had a quiz. Our teacher collected it

and told us that she's going to check all our notebooks.

LUCKY!! I take down notes last night!

That's a really good timing! CHOUDO YOKATTA.

Then, now, I am again, in front of the PC, typing here in my blog site.

If I had some free time later, I will make some drafts for my future posts.

Have to post more than 40 this month!


Before I forget, I saw something familiar to everyone who watched 

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge in anime version.


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