Jul 26, 2010

I'm not adding anything in my journal now

I know, I know, I'm the worst among all the worsts. 

It just happened that I lost my mood in writing in it..


I think I'll just write everything here,

since this is the reason why it is called BLOG.

I finished my collage, together with my sister.

But I forgot to take pictures of it,

that's why, it's a waste.

We also had sushi party.

I'll just add the photos of our mini-occasion when I have time.

Anyway, there are lots of quizzes today.

I'll review then study Japanese.

I want not to sleep tonight too,

but I wonder if I can do that?

Since everytime I say "I'll not sleep today"

I always end up sleeping and waking up the next morning.

My eyes are sulken now too.

Forget it,

I'll just do whatever I want to do.

That's why there's a word "FREEDOM-DOM-DOM" right?!

Well then, well then, see you on my next post.

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