Jul 30, 2010

JULY 30, 2010


So what happened today?

Something just bugged me and up until now, I'm still thinking about it.

Then the usual, flag ceremony. Took up the MAPEH class but

our adviser is not around since we have some kind of event today.

Then in Religion class we had a bible drill and managed to pass every question.

RECESS TIME and just stayed in the room listening to music.

Math time, at first we're only about 7 students inside and our teacher started 

asking us to pray. That's when my other classmates realized that it's Math time

already and they have to go upstairs. After that, ENGLISH, nothing much to say.

We were just dismissed early. LUNCH~~blah blah. Then Filipino, we just answered

few lessons in the textbook. Chemistry, lesson again. Computer, just copied notes

and in History, we were asked to draw the map of Asia. I'm too lazy to draw that time.

Our teacher told us to just submit it on Monday.

Just when I thought that I can finally go home, there's our club meeting.

We were asked to write an article about the food festival happened earlier

but I didn't go downstairs so I just asked for some information and pretended that

I took part in it. Well, I've managed to finish it after all and I think it's good.

Went home and now hitting on NANA Live Action. 


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