Aug 2, 2010

JULY 31 - AUGUST 1, 2010

Even though this is supposed-to-be a post yesterday..

Saturday actually is a bit busy day for me. Loitering and rewriting my notes.

My favorite is yesterday's event.

We headed to a buffet restaurant and I'm ultra full that time.

They all are delicious. 

In the end we had these plates..

Here's a peek of me with mouth full of food stocked.

Hidoi desu you ne~~

Hai, a proof we ate here.


Of course, I didn't need to show you the whole receipt.

Here are some photos inside the car:

Here's the billboard of AMURO NAMIE in the Philippines.

It's hard taking the picture since the car's moving fast.

We also went grocery and found this creeping funny.

I bought sushi and went home.

At home I slept then do some writings

and draw map.


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