Aug 8, 2010

La Corda d' Oro 3 CM

I think the game is good but after following the first series...I think is not a good idea.

I wish I can find the game so that I can play it too but with my time schedule (that sucks)

will not permit me.

FUKUYAMA JUN voiced the lead guy now (the somewhat counterpart of Len Tsukimori).

I'll miss Taniyama Kishou's voice when serious, LOL. No fata involved too.

I wonder if the girl has her own ability in playing the violin. OR PERHAPS the character

can choose her own instrument. What do you think?? Lots of guys playing the violin

too, now there's a huge chance of getting the VIOLIN ROMANCE.

I think the first batch of guys' character design are better than the third series. Well, I can't

really tell for now, hope there'll be an anime adaptation for this. 

I just noticed...In every OTOME GAME there should be at least one MEGANE character

deshou? Ahaha, that'll be a plus point for me, I think? Long-haired Megane Guy.

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