Aug 12, 2010


It's been a while since my last post.

I'm soooo tired with all the things that I did, I am doing and have to do.

It's hard being a student. I wish I can just go work.

I want to be a PRO SEIYUU now!!

But I need to wait. LOL

I'll be updating after the end of our exams for sure, since I'll enjoy my day that time.

This is my 2nd day that I woke up as early as 12 in the morning just to do my assignments.

I also need to do my journal for a week in a separate notebook so no blogging post at the moment.


I'm studying Nihonggo in school once in a while. IF YOU DIDN'T GET WHAT I EXACTLY MEAN

it's that, I'm practicing kanji on a notebook while the teacher is discussing. 


August 11, 2010

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