Aug 6, 2010

August 5, 2010

I know...I know..This one's late

but I just tried fixing this entry before

leaving for school a while ago.

"What happened yesterday?"

is what I should be saying right now.

But to change the attention getter...

I will still be using the same one. *laughs*

Flag Ceremony, MAPEH - the supposed-to-be

practical test was cancelled because our next

subject had its demonstration, which is Religion

Math, just discussed. I should've perfected the

quiz if I had just remembered that solution! URGH!!

Then in English, yet another discussion but I simply

rode on while practicing my kanji. Filipino - the same

topic covered, about "love". FUKUYAMA JUN HEAR ME!!

*inserts image*

Chemistry, the leaders were asked to rate their

members and since I'm lazy at that moment, I asked

my members' help and I just rechecked it. EASY GO~~!

Computer, I dunno what they did, just write kanji.

We were suppose to have our "holy hour" during our

last period but it was cancelled for unknown reasons.

We just took our time discussing random things about

India. ^_^

I also used weights because of my boredom!!


I also attented the small celebration of Bea's party.

There will be a second part on Saturday..which is

TOMORROW. I have 2 reports set next week too, so I

have to do it today [FRIDAY] so I can go and eat


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