Aug 6, 2010

August 6, 2010

Ah~~Friday's giving me a good vibe.

We had the First Friday Mass even though it's raining.

Then Religion, just plain chit-chat's simply like sharing.

Math, we just did TRIANGLES and labeled its parts.

English, the grades were given except...some of us. 

Dunno why, but I hope the result's good.

Filipino, another reporting. Chemistry, we had a game.

I was just surprised since that was the first time I saw our teacher

got mad over...something.

Computer, another discussion and in Social Science, reporting.


But lots of reports to be prepared. =.=

I also photocopied some Japanese notes and I better kick off my ass

and start studying! WAHAHAHA!!

Bag's heavy, Heart's heavy, Head's heavy...

Good luck to me!! LOL

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