Aug 28, 2010


While cleaning up my files I saw my collection of

B-VOICE songs.


[I'm really really biased, so forgive me.]

For me, MINAGAWA JUNKO's VOICE is the best in the group.

I am not that into ROMI PAKU's singing voice but she's portraying her characters well.

MITSUKI SAIGA, not that much into her, but at first I really thought that she's a guy. (=.=)

KOBAYASHI SANAE, loved her because of ALLEN WALKER but her singing voice is not that good too for me.

MINAGAWA JUNKO, maybe because I'm used to her voice especially when she's singing RYOMA character songs, and I have all her albums. *laughs*

My favorite is still 


I remembered my classmate told me that when I got to be in this B-VOICE unit I can also blend with them. I just replied to her that "I can't sing Clover when that happened, because 'bokutachi wa YO-NIN de' is not appropriate by that time anymore." LOL

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