Aug 4, 2010

August 4, 2010

It's hard reminiscing what happened everytime I got to use the laptop.

I went to the mass today.

I hyperventilated a little but I handled myself quite well.

Don't worry, I've finished my classes this day.

Then before the flag ceremony started, the winner for the collage making was announced.

"The winner is...JOURNALISM CLUB."

"What the?!"

I really want to shout fo*l words that time but I prevented myself

since it's a Catholic school after all.


Then flag ceremony. In PE, we just practiced the dance steps for tomorrow's

practical exam. Then in Religion, plain discussion. Math, another discussion.

In English, (I was congratulated actually since the moderator is at the same time

our English teacher) we had another discussion. In Filipino, another discussion

up until Social Science. Chemistry is an exception because we did another experiment.

I wish we can have experimentation EVERYDAY! LOL, but we also need to tackle

direct lessons. Before we went home we practiced again the steps.

Sorry no pictures today. I still need to write notes and practice more kanji while remixing the songs.

Lots to do..Thursday tomorrow, I need to reserve my energy up until Saturday.

I also have 1 sure report on Monday too, a 50-50 report this or next week too.

Don't forget the club meeting on Friday too. Need to collect money for fund.

Gotta go now. Bye bye.


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