Jun 7, 2013

20: A seiyuu you don’t like as much as others do

Kuroda Takaya

I don't know what's wrong with myself too. wwww

Many seiyuu bloggers and otome gamers adore his voice for an unknown reason to me. 

I haven't finished listening to his drama CDs too.

I have my seiyuu preferences so my reaction towards the CD solely depends on who's going to act.

Shukan Soine Vol 07 is still hanging.

Even though I love the Kareshi Igai Series, still not yet listening to this volume. 

The Kindan Vampire volume of his is still unknown to my ears and thoughts. 

What could be the most effective way for me to like his voice more?

To have more anime characters?


Maybe if voiced a good character of my liking in one of the upcoming otome game turned to anime series, then I will warmly welcome him to my must-watch list of good seiyuu.  

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