Jun 6, 2013

Few more days before school year starts

Yes, I am still the laziest person ever on earth. 
I can remember that few weeks ago I was complaining how I wish that the school year will start again since I am so bored and I got scared I might become so dumbx10^infinity again. wwww

lol. This is yet another useless rant since I am trying to keep myself awake... it's now 3:45 am on the clock and I am not yet sleeping. I am a good girl. 4 more days left, I should be fixing my sleeping habit now. 

We were given yet another task for the first day. Being a second year college student is still unimaginable to me. It's as if yesterday I was just taking the entrance exam, now it's already been a year since it last happened.

I am not good in being overly dramatic, after all, this is just a rant post and this really should be here. lol

I am just having a breathing space after finishing the editing and linking of the seiyuu blogs on the left part of this site. It took a whooping 5 hours of my life. No worries, I regret nothing. This was planned to finish last May, but I got extremely out of pace that's why it was finished late. 

So, I will watch UtaPri now. 
Sorry sisters (yes, my siblings), but I will watch the update ahead of you. The social networks are too noisy because of the seiyuu of the HEAVENS unit. OHMYASKLDASJLD that may be the reason why it was named "HEAVENS".

Will surely have another post regarding the revelation of their seiyuus once I've seen the episode myself. 


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