Jun 6, 2013

Changed the Seiyuu Blog Links!

It has been years since I last updated the links. wwww

Third time that I've changed this... (if I can remember it right)

Again with the before and after.

I am really aware that the thumbnails is 3x bigger than before.
My sloppy editing is so obvious, but I am quite confident with the set of images I have gathered. 
The search for the blog links was indeed a pain. The easy ones to look for are of course, those who made their accounts in ameblo. 

I promise to update the links if ever I were reminded or notified about it. 

This is also beneficial for I can easily learn more about seiyuu events or just the normal everyday of them. www

Note that some are really not blog sites, but their website or their agency's site.

Planning to add more necessary links on the left and right pane of my this blog.
Seiyuu-related links will be squeezed to the left part while miscellaneous, such as otome games, etc will be positioned to the right side.


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