Jun 7, 2013

26: A seiyuu you’d hang out with

Terashima Takuma

Forget the Kokoro Connect scandal, it was totally erased from everyone's minds. 

Terashii is from STARISH.
Terashi voiced Fujiwara Yukinari in Utakoi.
Terashii voiced Yamaken from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun.

That was just an introduction.

I found him interesting because he is super talented -- singing, dancing, and acting.
He likes drawing, playing billiard, darts, and remaking clothes. 
Watching him from seiyuu events and interviews made me conclude that he is really good to hang out with.

He looks like an osananajimi. 

Terashii was born on December 20, 1983, and I my birthdate is December 24, 199x... huge age difference. wwww

Just want to quote this from him.

“It’s not like being friends, nor lovers, nor family.But it is difficult for many people to understand that there can be a special relationship with the “voice actor” and the “fan”.I’m really happy that it is the key to maintaining our relationship so wonderfully.”- Terashima Takuma(c) Tumblr

Everyone was truly fanzoned. lol

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