Oct 12, 2010


I can finally practice Japanese even few hours a day.

I've managed to fit in my schedule for this week and I've been copying the

kanji lyrics that I've printed last year. 

Since I know some of the words in the songs, it'll be easier to copy and

memorize, I think?!

But I hope that'll give me high hopes for my future dream career to happen

and be a DAI SUCCESS!! YEAH--!!

Come to think of it, I've downloaded Kinya's Discography yesterday

and as expected, I've fallen for his voice easily. 

[Just like GRANRODEO but I still love them]

I also noticed that I've been checking some of the clips of 

GRAVITATION. Is this a sign that I'm gonna watch the



Leave those kind of things first. 

Still will be busy for this week until Sunday.

By Monday, I think I'll have lots of free time until the end of this month.

Hope so. 

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