Oct 13, 2010

Exams. =>=

I really hate when exams period comes. 

Even though I'm PARTLY used with the fact that we have to take 

our exams every month, I still don't want taking them.

Obviously, it's hard studying, studying, and studying all over again with same

lessons. Sometimes our teachers will not teach the lesson and will just surprise

us with the shocking questions. 

By the time that you'll gonna take the exams, I hope you can refrain yourself 

from shouting "FTW! WHAT KIND OF EXAM'S THIS?!"

LOL, luckily, haven't done it. But when I took the first day subjects,

I thought I'm gonna go wild. 

I was overconfident with the stocked-knowledge I have

but few items showed up, unexpectedly, the questions related to the topics

I haven't attended because I was absent...

Anyway, now I'm not gonna sleep because I need to layout something 

--> A rushed project    and I'm going to memorize lots of things, those

that are related in RELIGION. Since this is my first time entering a Catholic

School, I am totally clueless at first but now I can handle, at least, some 

of the lessons they're taking, though just need to strive in memorizing lots

of prayers etc.etc. 

Well then, just posted an entry for today. Hope I can finally raise my grades

through my study period today and break a leg tomorrow and on Friday 

on the exams. WISH ME LUCK.


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