Oct 26, 2010

This proves the saying "The more you HATE, the more you LOVE"

Remember my former post here??

Well now, I found out that I've been reading lots of BL manga and even listening to

DRAMA CDs (especially when the batch of seiyuu are really COOL).

I even also write my own stories with that kind of genre.

Actually before I started fussing about that...

I tried to hit on some of those medias and found them, AWFUL and GROSS

but see, I'm no really into it.

NO WORRIES, my favorite genre is still OTOME -- REVERSE-HAREM.

As a proof, I'm playing random otome games (in japanese format -- they're full-voiced so

it's rather easy to understand).

Maybe soon, I'll even post some of my STORY SAMPLES here.

Just look forward to it. \\(^-^)//

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