Oct 21, 2010


Just look at how MIYU-san smiles at the first picture.

since he's one of the youngest popular seiyuu

in this period of time, it's not surprising that

this photo was taken when he was still young 

(since up until now, we can consider him YOUNG)

Ahem, enough with the repeatition of the word "young".

What can I say about Miyu Irino-san??

I think he still looks the same, he just gotten

mature, I think? 

[Somebody, please raise the right term. Thank you.]

In his previous photo, there's a bit of his charisma

apparent already so, NO WORRIES. He just improved 

and, shall I say, discovered that he has this 'innate'

pheromones that can attract not just me

through his voice and his appearance.



1 comment:

  1. I know this is an old post, but I think it still applies that he has improved (ofc, he's generally a handsome guy). He's now kinda hot I'd say (a word I rarely use on seiyuu generally, mostly they are cute to me, but not really hot, like sexy hot).