Oct 9, 2010

Seiyuu Yume -- tada no Reflection desu

I've managed to download SOME of the seiyuu voice

samples from their own agencies, and some from

their own personal sites.

Really, seiyuus these days are really great, cool,

awesome, wonderful, and surprisingly FAMOUS.

Because of the widespread addiction of more people

in these recent and current generations, there's no

doubt that they'll really turn out to be rich...

I mean, renown.

I've been telling multiple times here in my old posts

that I've been aching to become a seiyuu someday,

not just in my own country but also in Japan.

Of course, if I'm saying that I want to be a seiyuu

not just a plain and an experienced one but also

a famous one and somewhat like many people who will

watch my animes (if there'll be any) will get hyped

up too and tell themselves that they also want to become

a seiyuu someday.

To tell you the truth, I forgot the reason why I 

suddenly wanted to become a seiyuu. Maybe because

after watching PRINCE OF TENNIS?!

I dunno, but maybe that's it. I just got so hooked up

to MINAGAWA JUNKO's voice 

and told myself that I'll

be a star of voicing young boys too. 

There also comes a time when I became ultra into

listening to PURE MALE

in some playlists> SEIYUU SONGS in my music player.

Can't stop listening to them. Sometimes, I am just

imagining and luring myself to their irresistable

voices that soothes my ears and even tickle them.

Ah~~ I just love seiyuus, especially the bishounen

ones. LOL. 

I was supposed to brag about my collection but I ended

up sharing my dreams. I hope that it'll come true

before I turn 30. v(>>^.^<<)v

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