Oct 29, 2010

Just a moment of chatter...

Currently I'm watching TOGAINU NO CHI ep 3. 

I haven't stated here what are the series that I'm now following this season.

Actually this one's a long list but anyway I will talk about it.


I found this one fascinating especially because the story is rare and distinct from most of the anime 

that I've watched before. There's HINO SATOSHI as one of the lead characters too. Plus point

to that. (^-^)

2. Fortune Arterial

Why did I click this anime?? Simply because ONO DAISUKE, SUWABE JUNICHI, and

ITOU KENTAROU in the seiyuu list. Not just that.. there are vampires and romance part of the story

but I'm a bit disappointed since it's a HAREM anime, want REVERSE one though.

3. Hakuouki: Hekketsu-roku

I've been fussing about this in my earlier posts..(when I was still waiting for this season to come)

and found that it'll be HIJIKATA's route. I found it quite interesting since I'm developing a huge

love for Hijikata-san now. Since Okita is really weak now and powerless, I'll go with the big one.

Saitou-kun's still there too.

4. Otome Youkai Zakuro

Yup, again with a full-packed seiyuu list. Takahiro Sakurai and Nakahara Mai pairing, sounds great.

No failure here, except, some of strange creatures kept on appearing in the series. Well, that's what

the show is all about after all. One more thing..I'm a bit disappointed Nobuhiko Okamoto didn't get

to grab a better role. WHY!?!! (>.<)

5. Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

Another Ono Daisuke show. I kinda remembered Ghost Hunt the first time I saw this anime. Ayuzawa

Misaki's seiyuu is also here so I sorta come up in my mind SEBASTIAN MICHAELIS x AYUZAWA

MISAKI?! LOL, just don't mind my imaginations, it's just too wide.

6. Togainu no Chi

2nd Toriumi Kousuke show in my lineup. This time I was surprised that Tomokazu Sugita's voice is not

that deep compared to his other shows. <>

This is the sole shounen-ai series that I'm now looking forward too (Because the other shounen-ai

show that I was watching before has finally ended -- Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru)


I'm just too excited for the anime adaptation of STARRY*SKY, will download the game soon and play it!

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