May 10, 2010

Battle Spirits Event Live

Hai, back! I just looked up from the other seiyuu blogs and the only one I can post here (coz it's the only one I understand clearly) is the one featured in Suwabe Junichi's blog.

Here's the ticket. (This is the ticket? Did I get it wrong? Why is it so shiny?!) Or maybe this is the pass for the seiyuu backstage?

Actually I do recognize few of them but the only ones I can name confidently are Suwabe Junichi and Ono Daisuke. In order to remember the names of the other seiyuus here's the list of the cast and their role taken. 

Fuyuka Oura as Dan Bashin
Takahiro Sakurai as Yuuki Momose
Youko Honda as Kajitsu Momose

Ai Horanai as Zungurii
Aya Endo as Kenzō Hyōdō
Ayako Kawasumi as Mai Viole
Daisuke Hirakawa as Serge
Daisuke Ono as Krakki Ray
Daisuke Sakaguchi as Hideto Suzuri (ep 7-)
Hiromi Sugino as Brustom
Junichi Suwabe as Pantera
Kenji Nomura as Kazan
Satsuki Yukino as Magisa
Yuji Ueda as Crown

There are 3 Daisuke in the cast?! It'll be great if the other 2 renowned Daisukes will join too. Namikawa and Kishio Daisuke! >.<

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