Apr 8, 2010



That's what I really really wanted to tell here. I'm thinking if I should go with a detailed story about what happened in my exams and interview?

Okay, here I go!


For me, I don't think it's that hard but the time pressuring is not that good for me. Whenever I feel that my answer is right I kinda shade the other block instead the right answer. 

The whole examination has 4 parts, the tags I'm going to use are just merely my own and I just made them all up.

a. The Personal Matters Exam 
b. Primary Exam
c. Average Exam
d. Difficult Exam

I pretty messed up my time management. Since there are 5 subjects concerning the whole test~ I regret not saving up much time and instead slothing over the whole time. One exam (for example Primary Exam) has 5 subjects in it and each subject is composed of items to answer ranging from 55-80. So multiply it by 5 you'll get? Ah~uh? What's the answer? Lastly, for one exam I can only answer it in 45 minutes!!! You think that I can finish everything in a blink? The subjects concerned Reading, Mathematics, Language, Science, and Social Studies. I just gave you a mere idea what happened to me that caused me to went lost while taking the exams. 

I thought that I can finally perfect the whole thing but it's not my destiny to become such sort of a genius. But I'm still a genius. I felt like I've been answering 3 National Achievement Tests for only about 3 hours. Phew~ as long as I passed nothing to worry anymore right?


This is my favorite part. After skipping meals before getting the tests at around 12 noon I talked to the interviewer and her presence is nice, gentle, and soothing. "I can finally see the happiness of taking this heart-pounding interview after answering that 1000 year equivalent examination". 

I can only remember the first question then the rest I thought I was just talking to the interviewer. If I am not mistaken the question is: Tell me about yourself. Okay, now to the point, it's not a question rather but an order. It's like something passed through me whispering me to sort of brag while sugarcoating every word that I say. Of course my irreplaceable smile is always my front shield so that if I fail to express my idea clearly I'll just give a huge wave of smile. Ahahaha~ that's not called "killer smile" but a "winner smile"/.

I wish I got a camera so I can tour you to the new school that I'm going to enter to. Well let's drop that, I'll definitely take pictures once I set foot on that school anyway. I'm just super happy but I regretted some miscalculations in my time. I'm looking forward to be in a top section but with my exam scores? I think I'll just be at the average section.

FYI: I truly hated the fact that I asked for a handshake after the interview! Why did I do that? It's definitely wrong!!

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