Mar 18, 2010


Here's the photos I promised to post.

I look awful in these pictures since after I woke up I headed to the party. I didn't sleep the night before the party and just slept at 10 in the morning. I was scolded before but I am still doing the same habit, what a naughty girl.

My hair is messed up. I didn't prepare my clothes before attending here. Actually, I don't have any connections with the celebrant, my uncle just dragged me from home to join. In the end, I didn't enjoy the party because it's hard to prevent myself from laughing even though some guests are making funny jokes. I also didn't eat that much because it's hard to remain composed while eating that's why when we went home I ate some of the leftovers. :D

I wish I can also celebrate my birthday... even though it's months away, in Ariake Coliseum or Tokyo Dome together with the tenipuri seiyuus. *kukuku*

I've been wanting to meet them in person. I'm also imagining the expressions on their faces while singing happy birthday for me. Maybe when that time comes, I'll always be seen clinging onto Masuda Yuki-san or Takahashi Hiroki-san. I also want to hear Suwabe Junichi-san, Okiayu Ryoutaro-san, Minagawa Junko-san's voice. I'm wondering if Katsuyuki Konishi-san can join them. 

>okay, stop mesmerizing and imagining things too impossible to happen<

I am really determined to be a seiyuu and to meet my idols. But I have to study, study, study more. I am also considering the fact of becoming a voice actress in the Philippines while studying Nihonggo. I am a bit scared of failing my dreams and learning all the Kanji. It has a damn large number for me to remember everything. I wish I have Takishima Kei's brain and ability in memorizing stuffs.

Wait, how come I ended up with my thing? I am telling about the party I attended the day before then told you this.

Let it be. I'll continue watching Marginal Prince. It's only a 13-episode anime but I still haven't finished watching it. The internet connection is so slow at this moment too. Maybe because my luck this past week's getting low.


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