Mar 20, 2010

Junk Files and Hard disk illness

At this moment, I'm deleting multitudes of files from my laptop. I don't like doing this but I have to. I better save money so that I can but DVD burner and external Hard disk Drive. 

Speaking of saving money, I am going to take my entrance exams maybe on April 8, 2010. I already marked my calendar and I'm pretty hyped after hearing about that. I need to scan and read again few of my notes. I really want to clear my name that's why I need to be a better, no the best person I can be.

>>returning to the topic<<

I'll be deleting few albums that are just in my library but I haven't listened to those. Like Hyde's song collection. (sorry Hyde) and some of extra Takahashi Naozumi repeated files. I've downloaded few of Takahashi Hiroki's songs/chara songs before and I still haven't finished listening to it. Ah~ and Okiayu Ryoutaro-san's too. But I really want to listen to those. Maybe I'll just spare the songs of Okiayu Ryoutaro..

The computer's been compressing the files for about 20 minutes now and it's pacing's too slow. 


I've finished Marginal Prince yesterday. Banzai! I've also started watching Kimi ni Todoke. Even though it's still airing. But only 2 episodes left until the series' finale. I've coped up with it since I've finished watching the 23 episodes for  just a day. I didn't sleep just for me to achieve that. To tell you the truth, I'm not feeling well after doing that.  I have to revert my sleeping time again since I'm awake 'again' during nighttime. 

Now, I'm watching Inuyasha: The final act. I'm not used to watching it in Japanese since I started watching it in Tagalog-dub. As long as the story's the same there's no need to be choosy. :-D

It's already 2:09 on my clock. I'm going to start some translations. Ganbarimasu boku!!

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