Mar 8, 2010

More Tenipuri News!

According to Pairpuri Vol 4, the next Tenipuri event has been decided! OMOSHIROI!! I'm just worried if I can still watch and download stuffs like this especially I'm hitting school 'again'. Ah~ mou, as long as it is TENISU NO OUJISAMA, I'll do anything.

Here are the latter words: (thanks to lucathia_rykatu of LiveJournal)

"Hello everyone. How are you? When I stood on top of the JF '10 stage for "Shin Teni" at the end of last year, I received power once again thanks to everyone's encouragement. Thank you very much! I announced this at that time, but the next Tenipuri event has been decided! Also, for the cheering song, I wrote the tune and lyrics for a song called "Wow...Festival". Together with another song, "Shalala...Festival", they make up the songs for a planned double A side single. With the event, please become more and more excited over "Shin Teni".

--->The "Shin Tenisu no Oujisama" stage [event] of "JF2010" was held at Makuhari Messe on December 20, 2009. Konomi-sensei shows us a relaxed expression before the main event.


I'm sure these albums/singles are very much included in the concert:

1. FAITH - Kite Eishirou
2. Undine - Yagyuu Hiroshi
3. Sore wa sore toshite - Yukimura Seiichi
4. UNTITLED ALBUM - Shiraishi Kuranosuke

hn? But I also like Ichi Fuji Ni Taka in the event too...

CHOTTO MATTA! The event sensei's been talking about is A CONCERT DESHO?!!

I'm not pretty sure about my own news but since few people in Philippines are interested in this kind of event, no one will probably notice. m_m

Dou iu koto~ I'll just post another entry regarding this matter if I'm truly enlightened.

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