Jan 23, 2010


Yo! Another seiyuu's blog crossing~ I saw this picture from Masuda Yuki's [Niou Masaharu] Blog. Okay, two of the handsome seiyuus are in this photo. Takahashi Hiroki [Kikumaru Eiji] and Massun are holding the two pair puri volumes. The first issue is the one being held by Massun (it features Atobe and Sanada) then Takahashi Hiroki-san's holding the second volume wherein Shiraishi and Tezuka are the featured charas.

*Just love their looks.

Hn? About this? I'm not familiar who are the two gentlemen there. [Behind and at the right of Kaida] but I can identify Kawamoto-san and of course

*Of course, this is from Massun's blog that's why...

Another unfamiliar pic. Massun and Sachiko Nagai but I don't know who's the one wearing a Hyoutei Gakuen uniform. [Don't kill me if I made lots of mistakes here]

This is Shiraishi-kun's seiyuu right? Err~ If I made any mistakes just tell me ASAP! And another pic of Massun, he's wearing glasses~! Sugoi desho?

*I'm having difficulty in uploading pics though~

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