Jan 28, 2010

Kajiura Yuki Live

Well, I kind of watched few unplugged parts of the Live DVDs from Youtube. Since I can't find a picture of the cover itself, I'll still continue on writing here.

I'm a fan of the FictionJunction that's why when I saw that there's an encore of them, I clicked it.

The first one that I've watched was the more upbeat version of Yume no Tsubasa [Tsubasa Chronicles]. The drums and the piano at that version are superb. I like it more than the original one. My sister and I just laughed a little since during the time we're listening to it, she thought it's Aya Hirano singing. Next? If I am not mistaken I chose Aikoi [Tsubasa Chronicles]. Then, Everlasting song [Erementar Gerad]. It's my favorite among all there songs. Imagine me listening to it the whole day non-stop. (Well, except when I am sleeping, I'm not aware if my mp's still on) Honoo no Tobira [Gundam Seed].

I remember, when I also listened to Dreamscape, the tone upped one level.

It's fun to watch it especially when you're a 'whole-anime-soundtrack listener' - just a term I created.


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