Jan 31, 2010

New Tenipuri CDs to be released!!

I know I've posted a while ago about the "LAST POST FOR JANUARY 2010" but I am again traversed to my other world and it made such ruckus to my mind telling me to post again!!

Here, I've known all along that Yukimura Seiichi will release a mini-birthday album on March 5, 2010. 1,800 yen (cheap, but I still can't buy since I am not allowed to. ZANNEN MUNEN!!)

AND A BIG HURRAY FOR SHIRAISHI KURANOSUKE!! He'll be releasing A FULL-ALBUM!! I didn't post it since it's been a rumor for awhile but now that I've seen it in interchannel (prince of tennis media distributors -was my term correct?) I'm now confident to tell everyone bout it. It'll be released on April 14, 2010!! [Marked already]

Lucky~ after Kite Eishirou's FAITH album are they planning to have all the buchous to have solo albums?

Lastly, another Shishido Ryou single to be released on March 10, 2010, 777 yen.

I'll post the pictures once the covers are announced.

Jaa nee~~~~~!!

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