Jan 23, 2010

Feature Anime: Skip Beat

I started watching this after the day that it was aired. Since I like to watch anime after the full episodes are released, I finished it just this week. [Forgot the exact day]

To tell you the truth, I just watched this because Miyano Mamoru-san's in it. Then eventually I fell to its storyline. It was really disappointing since I thought it will have its second season but I haven't heard any news about it.

I read before that there's a Chinese adaptation of it. [Chi~ I really hate Chinese adaptations. Imagine Prince of Tennis having one (yeah~ there is)].

Well, I'm not really fond of the OP and ED themes but I like the insert song 「prisoner」since Miyano Mamoru sang it.

I like the character of Tsuruga Ren really much and how he and Mogami Kyoko's relationship goes further in the anime. [Even though the ending of the anime is @#*^*%*!]


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