Jan 24, 2010

Grabbed from Shingaki Tarusuke's Blog

I can't believe it...


This is a cake?!

I want this as my birthday cake too!!

「なぜ they can make such cake。。。 if there’s like that here in my country。」

Anyway, this is too cute to eat. But still I can't imagine this is a cake!

Oosuka Jun [Chitose Senri], Hosoya Yoshimasa [Shiraishi Kuranosuke], and Shingaki Tarusuke [Kite Eishirou]. Where is Hosoya-san looking?

「へん な~」

Tsuda Kenjiro [Inui Sadaharu], Shingaki Tarusuke [Kite Eishirou], and Hosoya Yoshimasa [Shiraishi Kuranosuke]


The whole cast during the 100 kyoku marathon. Since the picture's too small to see in details, I can't identify who's who (except Onosaka-san since he has blonde hair). ^_^

*No, wait~ I think this is at Tenifesta!!


I still can't identify three of them.

Just the one who voiced Kite and Chinen.

「ひだい よ~」

「カツリンーちゃん、 しかりしろ!」


「また はい~はい?!」


「チュ~ *」

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  1. OMG <3 <3
    I came across this part of your blog when I was searching up photos of Shiraishi Kuranosuke and Kirihara Akaya, but I'm so glad I found this <3

    I want that cake (*A*) /killed. And Hosoya is just adorable (*U*)