Jan 23, 2010

Battle between 5 schools!? Buchou Talk Corner!!

Tezuka, Atobe, Shiraishi, Kite, and Yukimura's seiyuu talk about various things here. Hosoya gets teased a lot, Okiayu laments his lack of lines, Suwabe says nothing for the first half but is extremely verbose later on, Shingaki reveals his talent with Okinawa speech, and Nagai is afraid she might end up sounding like a elementary kid if she raises her voice too high for young Yukimura. XD;

Okiayu: Tezuka's seiyuu
Nagai: Yukimura's seiyuu
Hosoya: Shiraishi's seiyuu
Shingaki: Kite's seiyuu
Suwabe: Atobe's seiyuu

Battle between 5 schools!? Buchou Talk Corner!!

Revealing hidden episodes after the end of the Nationals OVA!? The buchou's talk about their thoughts towards the anime, songs, and TeniFesta!!

Discovering a new side of their characters in "Naniwa no Oujisama"!

Let's hear about any fond memories you have since the Nationals OVA ended.

Okiayu: If we're talking recently, there's "Naniwa no Oujisama". After Nationals, Seigaku goes to Osaka to have a practice match with Shitenhouji, and Higa prowls about...that's the story.

Nagai: They prowled about? (laughs)

Shingaki: They prowled about. They didn't have money to go back to Okinawa, so they had to stay at a temple.

Okiayu: That's right. They were at a temple.

Shingaki: Yeah. But they even used fake names in front of Seigaku. (laughs) They even said, "No, we're monks who live here."

Okiayu: That scene was very amusing. Within was a story where Momoshiro and Kaidou, the captain candidates of Seigaku, were asked to take care of the lineup for the practice matches.

Hosoya: It's a story about "handing over" to the kouhai. It was a very wonderful story.

Okiayu: It was a new experience to be involved in an original story with people from other schools that showed up during the Nationals arc. I believe that fans of the original must have found the story interesting, and we ourselves enjoyed it very much too.

In "Naniwa no Oujisama," with pillow fights and all, there are many humorous scenes. How did that compare with acting out the scenes during the matches?

Okiayu: It wasn't all that different for me. Tezuka doesn't talk...

(Everyone roars with laughter)

Suwabe: That's what you're referring to! (laughs)

Okiayu: His usual objective point of view doesn't change no matter what the scene is. Even when he was throwing the pillow, he didn't talk! He was enjoying watching other people have fun.

Shingaki: Higa has always been drawn as the bad guys all throughout the Nationals arc, so there was very little chance to see a different side of them. However, this time in "Naniwa no Oujisama," they're drawn differently for the first time and bewildered me at first. I thought, "Is it really all right for them to do this!?" (laughs)

Okiayu: You adapted to the role naturally though.

Shingaki: Yeah! Doing it for real was actually interesting. (laughs)

Okiayu: When I was looking at the script for the Higa scenes, I had fun imagining what kind of Okinawa accent Taru-kun (Shingaki-san) would use.

Shingaki: The script is written in the standard dialect, so I have to change everything to Okinawa speech.

Nagai: That's really impressive.

Shingaki: I've been doing this since the start of the OVA. It's kind of like a special task. It's not just the accent. I also change the words to words used in Okinawa.

Okiayu: They don't put markings for you?

Shingaki: No...there aren't any markings. But maybe we didn't communicate about it so it just happened to be like that...(laughs)

Okiayu: They want you to change the script based on the atmosphere.

Shingaki: Yeah (laughs). Anyway, thanks to "Naniwa no Oujisama," Kite's character was more developed!

Hosoya-san's character, Shiraishi, also made his appearance during the OVA. How was he in "Naniwa no Oujisama"?

Hosoya: For me, the matches and everything else were completely different. During the matches, he talked a lot in the beginning, and his breathing was uneven (laughs). Until that point, his scenes were everyday conversations...To begin with, just by being at a Tenipuri recording in the first place made me super nervous!

Okiayu: Really?

Hosoya: When I first attended an after recording for Tenipuri, I thought to myself, "Ah, there's Okiayu-san! And Kaida-san! They're speaking! I know this voice!" I couldn't calm down after that.

(Everyone roars with laughter)

Hosoya: Wouldn't you be moved if you heard the voice of a seiyuu that you've always heard in anime that you've been watching all this time? Furthermore, that person was the one that I had to battle against. Of course I'd be nervous!

Nagai: I understand that. For me, acting the match scene was a first for me as a seiyuu and a first for Yukimura too...It was also the first time Yukimura spoke so much, so I understand the feeling of being nervous.

Hosoya: But during the match scene, even though I was nervous to the point of not wanting anyone to speak to me, I was able to focus.

Okiayu: Now you've gotten used to it after all?

Hosoya: Yes. But it's not good to be too used to it...

Shingaki: Well, you're completely used to it now.

Okiayu: Yup, yup.

Hosoya: No, um, well...

(Everyone laughs)

Suwabe: You mean you want to keep some helpful nervousness, but you also want to have a wider vision than the one you started out with, right?

Hosoya: Exactly. I think my vision has gotten a bit wider...if I think positively.

(Everyone roars with laughter)

Hosoya: As an opponent across the courts that I have to beat, my feelings were on fire, but for me personally too, my opponent was my senpai, Kaida-san, so I was acting with the feelings "I can't lose!"

Okiayu: Now, even when your senpai are in front of you, you don't seem to be as nervous anymore.

Hosoya: I think so. That kind of nervousness has lessened, so little by little, I'm enjoying this more and more. I also think that I understand my character more than before too.

A bunch of surprises about the Tenipuri characters' past!?

What do you think, Suwabe-san? In "Fuun Shounen Atobe" you acted a young Atobe...

Suwabe: Speaking of a young Atobe, he's always been just a third year in middle school. (laughs)

(Everyone laughs)

Suwabe: "Fuun Shounen Atobe" is like a story about his beginning, so I'm very happy I got to perform that. Since they're first years in it, there was the possibility that the cast might be changed...was what I was afraid of. I'm very grateful. People who watched it gave me many good reactions. It was worth the effort.

Okiayu: It's great acting such an age. It's a scene of first encounters too.

Suwabe: Yeah. The reason why Atobe acknowledges Oshitari in their third year is completed here. Oshitari's matches during third year have too many disappointing parts. (laughs)

Okiayu: Eh~!? What do you mean?

Suwabe: He seems strong, but he's unexpectedly a character that can't win. Like I was thinking too much of him...

Okiayu: Well sorry for being a character that unexpectedly can't win!

(Everyone roars with laughter)

Suwabe: No, no. I'm not talking about Tezuka or anything (laughs). I'm talking about how it's great that Oshitari's strength was demonstrated in "Fuun Shounen Atobe." Another interesting part was how even in elementary school, Kabaji's face didn't change and Ootori was super small. Like, how much did he grow in two years! (laughs)

Nagai: Well...it's their growing period...?

Suwabe: Tenipuri characters must all grow remarkably between their first and second years.

Okiayu: But, in actuality, there are a lot of people like that. That's what happens during their growing period.

Suwabe: There is that (laughs). But even so, with such an episode, I wondered how fans who have been imagining on their own these kind of scenes would react to the official version. My own acting and my tone of voice, truthfully, there were many parts I worried about, but I hoped that people would enjoy it above all else.

Shingaki: With the side story, I ended up wanting to see a story about the future. Like Atobe as a company president.

Okiayu: He'd say something like, "Oi, Kabaji." (laughs)

Suwabe: That never changes (laughs).

Okiayu: He wouldn't change at all even as an adult (laughs).

Hosoya: A story about the future. That would be great~.

Suwabe: I would definitely want to try that out (laughs)

Nagai-san also acted out Yukimura's past in "Rikkai Retsuden". How was that?

Nagai: It was a story about Akaya's entrance where he exclaimed, "I'll become number 1!" and discovered how Rikkai has strong people.

Okiayu: I see.

Nagai: This was how Akaya's eyes started turning red during his tennis! Was what I thought. Also, we got a glimpse of a surprising similarity between Sanada and Akaya. It was only one year ago, but everyone appeared a bit younger.

(While everyone looks at the "Rikkai Retsuden" designs)

Okiayu: Isn't this too young!?

Suwabe: Ah, Jackal's hairstyle hasn't changed.

Shingaki: Everyone's young.

Nagai: Sanada's not wearing a hat.

Hosoya: You're right!

Okiayu: I can't tell it's him without his hat (laughs).

Nagai: His voice is also younger.

Okiayu: Sanada!? What was it like?

Nagai: Sanada had a scene that flashed back to 6th grade in elementary. (Kusunoki) Taiten-san was very amusing. (laughs)

(Everyone roars with laughter)

Suwabe: Acting younger is very hard (laughs). Atobe had to speak a line for the preview that came with the Final. I was nervous that that was what was going to decide my take on him! They easily gave me the OK. Because of that, I wasn't very worried during the actual recording.

Nagai: I already have a very high voice, so I didn't want to use too high a voice and end up sounding like an elementary kid. Besides, this is before Yukimura falls sick, so I thought that he should sound stronger. Instead of trying to sound young, I went for a more energetic image.

What about the world of Tenipuri character songs that have expanded on the character's charm!?

Next are questions about the singing aspects. Is singing as your character more difficult than your normal acting?

Okiayu: I have also had chances of singing as my character in other series, but it's very rare to have a series where I have so many solos.

Shingaki: For me, when I sang Kite's first song, I sang it without understanding his character very much, so the song turned out to be very "jimi"...(laughs). After that, the next song was one that was invigorating and different from Kite's usual impression. Are you also prepared for that?

*jimi = plain (like Higashikata and Minami from Yamabuki)

Suwabe: During my first single, fans expressed their opinion about wanting me to sound more like my character. Now, I don't get those comments. It might be because people who are listening to the songs have changed their perception of character songs. I believe the "Tenisu no Oujisama" character song series started a large revolution.

Okiayu: Also, if you can't try out different things, they'll all turn out the same. With voices, even for other singers, their singing voice and their speaking voice is different.

Shingaki: I believe that it's hard for fans who are used to the voice they hear in the anime to step away from that. But, I want to say that even Kite who usually speaks in a low and quiet voice can have a high singing voice!

(Everyone bursts out laughing)

Suwabe: To show the lure of singing, it's not wrong to use a wider range than the range used in speaking. It's difficult to clear the demands of fans whose ears have been spoiled (laughs).

Okiayu: Yeah. We'd like them to enjoy it.

Suwabe: That's right. By breaking limits and going beyond the norm, I believe we gradually widen the perceptions of each character. Even when fans think "they overdid it!?" I hope that people will start thinking it's possible for that character, that the image that dwells inside them will let them accept such a thing. If that happens, their existence will be even stronger as one who goes down this path. From everyone's reactions that perfect each character, the attractiveness that each character possesses will continue to grow. I believe that one of the reasons why "Tenisu no Oujisama" has grown so much is because of this wonderful reaction. With the character song series and the games!

*I had a really difficult time with Suwabe's long speech...so there's quite a bit of paraphrasing here.

Shingaki: Even outside of my own songs, I enjoy finding out about other songs that exist. When I think about how I'll be able to hear a lot of songs during the Tenifesta, I get excited too.

Suwabe: For Tenipuri character songs, the cast is asked about what type of song they think is good beforehand, so we get to participate actively. We get to participate in the planning stage too. I think it's a great environment motivation-wise too.

For Tenipuri songs, there are times when you're asked to write the lyrics too. Do you have parts you're concerned about when writing the lyrics?

Nagai: For me, when I wrote lyrics for my album, I put my utmost effort into studying the manga. At that time, I didn't think there would be a continuation to the manga, so I put a lot of different thoughts into the lyrics.

Okiayu: I see.

Shingaki: It's true that even the title shows that. "Last songs".

Nagai: That's exactly it (laughs). Besides, I never thought that I would be asked to write the lyrics, so I thought it was quite something.

Okiayu: Generally, "Please write the lyrics," is something we wouldn't be asked (laughs). We have a lot of singing opportunities for Tenipuri, so "Would you like to write the lyrics sometime?" is a choice that comes out too.

Shingaki: Hosoya-kun, has anything changed after putting out a song?

Hosoya: For me, before the first song, when it comes to singing I've only sung karaoke, so the first one was very difficult! Is what I thought (laughs). After that, I practiced at karaoke...I was able to enjoy the second one.

Okiayu: You've progressed.

Hosoya: Ah, but I said something selfish during the second one. Like asking them to let me raise my key.

Okiayu: Like asking to record in a larger studio.

Suwabe: Like asking to record overseas.

Shingaki: Is Japan no good?

Hosoya: I said no such thing!

(Everyone roars with laughter)

Hosoya: But, they really listened to a lot of my selfishness. For "prayer," I gave them countless lyrics and samples and asked them, "Which one do you like?" The song itself was lower in the beginning and moodier, but I was told that a slightly higher key would be better. It's just like Okiayu-san said. Shiraishi is human too, so I thought it'd be all right if his singing voice was higher...besides, it was similar to the music I liked in high school, so it felt very familiar for me.

Shingaki: Then I'll look forward to your performance on stage.

Hosoya: Um, well, that's...(laughs). Previously, I sang it at a CD release event, but it was a nightmare! I had the lyrics on a card in my rear pocket, but it became all crinkled, and I thought I memorized it during the Shinkansen ride, but I still forgot!

Okiayu: Didn't anyone wish you "good luck"?

Hosoya: They did, but that ended up giving me more pressure (laughs).

Okiayu: How many people are at Tenifesta? Around 7000?

Hosoya: ...I don't think I'll be able to see anyone!

(Everyone roars with laughter)

Making Tenifesta into a festival that everyone enjoys!

Finally, let's have your thoughts for the Tenifesta.

Suwabe: The 100 Song Marathon was held right after the manga ended in Weekly Shounen Jump. We were told that it was very well received. For me, the 100 Song Marathon was where I expressed my feelings of thankfulness towards those who have cheered us on to this point. This time, my feelings are those of wanting to get excited at the same level with the fans that love Tenipuri.

Shingaki: Being together with everyone like this does feel different from last time. Besides, isn't this event even larger than the 100 Song Marathon?

Okiayu: The performers have increased too.

Nagai: That's right. A lot of people are involved...

Hosoya: Will we be surrounded...

(Everyone laughs)

Shingaki: From that point of view too, things will be interesting. I am scared about standing in front of so many people (laughs), but knowing that everyone's coming because they like Tenipuri makes me think that it'll be fun for sure.

Hosoya: For me, I was so nervous last time that I didn't have time for enjoyment. Like having to memorize the lyrics properly, practicing the dance and timing so I don't make a mistake...that kind of stuff was all I was thinking about. But since I actually have another chance to do this, it's no good if I go in feeling rattled. My final goal this time is to enjoy this with everyone. My personal goal is to make sure I enjoy this too. I was envious of my senpai who were able to say, "That was fun!" during the 100 Song Marathon.

Nagai: I also look forward to singing with the Rikkai unit. It's great to have companions.

Hosoya: Shitenhouji too has more members than at the 100 Song Marathon. That makes me happy.

Okiayu: This time, the atmosphere will be different from the 100 Song Marathon, and I look forward to the song lineup. I hope people will enjoy all those parts.

Suwabe: Please take action and sing along with us when you view the stage! That will make me happy.

Okiayu: If you listen to the songs and review before you come, you'll definitely enjoy it even more!

Shingaki: Though you say that, isn't this talk corner included in the pamphlet that's sold on the day of the actual event?

Okiayu: Then, I'll change it to, did you review before coming? (laughs)

(Everyone roars with laughter)

Okiayu: Let's have a good time together!

Thank you very much for coming today.

Buchou's Select!! OVA Best 3

Introducing the scenes that each buchou selected from the OVA! They're all scenes you can't take your eyes off of, so let's take a look at the OVA again!!

Okiayu Ryoutarou-san's selection

1. If it's "ANOTHER STORY," it's the scene where Momoshiro and Kaidou were entrusted with the team's lineup.

If it's the Nationals arc, it's the scene where Sanada yells, "Fall on the other side!!" in the Tezuka vs Sanada match.

2. The scene where the senpai (Oishi, Kawamura, Tezuka) are patiently watching in "Naniwa no Oujisama" second half.

3. Ryoma vs Yukimura battle.

Ryoma vs Kintarou was pretty good too.

Suwabe Junichi-san's selection

1. Hyoutei x Seigaku's Atobe vs Ryoma match. Has to be that! It's the best for a match scene.

2. First year Atobe's "Be intoxicated at the sight of my prowess...!" Please focus on the difference between that and how he says it in third year (laughs).

3. The night before the battle with Seigaku was completely baffling (laughs)! Atobe wore a red suit and threw roses at the Hyoutei members.

Nagai Sachiko-san's selection

1. Ryoma and Yukimura's final battle.

2. Sanada's attitude toward Kirihara in "Rikkai Retsuden."

3. The members who were a bit younger in "Rikkai Retsuden" but actually didn't change much. Like Niou and Yagyuu.

Shingaki Tarusuke's selection

1. The part where Higa used fake names.

2. Pillow fight no Oujisama.

3. The end of Higa (in Another Story)

Hosoya Yoshimasa-san's selection

1. Higa's training at the temple.

Higa's quirkiness even challenges Shitenhouji's!

2. Gin-san and Taka-san's match.

3. Koharu and Yuuji's doubles match.

*My japanese is still in lower-type that's why I've been waiting for this translation. Thanks anyway. (I don't know if I'm allowed to copy this that's why I added the link at the end.)

To tell you the truth, I'm surprised that the voices of them are really great (I'm not supposed to be surprised since they are skilled.) They even tackled about the tenipuri ova and the tenifesta. I want to watch the DVD as soon as possible. I forgot though when it'll be released but I'm sure after I've watched it I'll be sharing it here.

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