Jan 22, 2010

100 Kyoku Marathon

I'm rewatching the Prince of Tennis: 100 Kyoku Marathon. I just love watching it all over again. I wish the new manga will have an anime adaptation as soon as possible.

I just realize, Okiayu Ryoutaro has baby-face. Masaya Onosaka is the one who leads the playful acts of the other seiyuus. Takahashi Hiroki is still cute. Minagawa Junko's voice doesn't change even while singing live. Kaida Yuki is still Fuji. Suwabe Junichi~ is still great. AH~ There are lots of seiyuus to mention in this post but of course, I like the way the Megane's sang. Especially when they even danced the "Go! Go! Megane's".

I know, this is a super delayed post but I just wanted to tell what I want to. (Don't dare to interrupt) I just got in the mood to make a new blog post. Maybe I can even make 50 posts just this day since I am in ecstasy! [<--hyperbole].

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